US Tempura Chicken Nugget

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Eating Well Never Tasted So Good! Whip up a delicious family treat with these bite-sized US Tempura Chicken Nugget. They are savory when paired with your favorite dipping sauces. Our chicken nuggets are made with tender, white meat chicken and battered in a savory tempura based coating. To support your healthy lifestyle we use real, simple ingredients that are naturally delicious.

  • No antibiotics or animal by-products
  • No antibiotics used
  • Chicken raised on sustainable farms in a stress-free environment that promotes natural behavior and socialization
  • Minimally processed
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Applegate chicken nuggets taste wonderful when paired with your favorite dipping sauces

1KG (43PCS)
Carton Specification
1KG x 17PKTS
Unit m3/Carton
433MM x 333MM x 311MM